The bell rings, it’s almost lunchtime on a Wednesday and we walk through the halls…we are ready and excited about what is going to happen @ John Keble Primary School. Thanks to the head teacher, Catherine Allard, we were allowed to start Faith Club. We do two sessions, with years 4 & 5.
The very first time we did this, we spoke about forgiveness through a drama and how important it is to forgive those who hurt us deeply. The kids themselves were very eager to share their own stories about other kids who hurt them and we could go deep with them.

It’s such a blessing to be able to share with children from different nationalities and backgrounds, from the Caribbean, Russia and the Philippines, etc.

The school gives us the freedom to share about the gospel and its great message and power. It’s amazing to see that the children want to know more about what the Bible says and beyond. Some are saying that they would like to see miracles and to know how it was when Jesus died on the cross for us.

Some of the girls made a drama for us, where they addressed the topic from one of our previous sessions. It is crucial for us that this generation knows about relationship with God and can grow an understanding of what that means. It’s amazing how the children’s faces light up with enthusiasm as we go through Bible stories and values in a way that’s easily understood and playful.