Rhema Media is ministry that aims to encourage, enable and challenge Christian Communications to influence and disciple society. We produce material that transmits values, principles and truths of God not aiming only at a christian audience but rather to everyone that watches the material.

YWAM Urban Key: it’s about facilitating, communicate and raise awareness of the events, activities and schools happening in YWAM Urban Key, whilst also offering training opportunities for students and staff.

YWAM Nationally and Internationally: We partner along other YWAM centres, offices and ministries to share about both YWAM England and YWAM International and what we do. We participate and run various projects like, training workshops and seminars, teaching in YWAM Communication Schools, and producing diverse multi-media material that shares the stories and heart of YWAM.

Music-Acoustic Souls: One of the emerging ministries, it involves Music and Media. It’s a platform created specially for emergent talents around the London area, giving the chance for artists to record specific tracks with Studio quality equipment. Through working with artists in a studio environment, we want to show God through our work and share the values we live by.