Wildfire Urban Key forms part of a global Christian Ministry called Kings Kids International (KKI) and we work with Children, Adolescents and their Families, to help them know God. We challenge the next generation to have a personal relationship with God, recognising the importance of the family in the spiritual development of children and young people.
Our aim is to offer a safe environment in which children can personally respond to God’s heart, whilst gaining a firm foundation in their lives.


CARE: KKI mercy ministries around the world are involved in practically serving the needs of young people such as street kids, orphans, children with AIDS, child soldiers, and teen prostitutes. 
Our KKI Wildfire kids are given the chance to go out and bless people in our local community.
“We put marshmallows in hot chocolate and sold it for free. Lots of people took it, and it made them feel happy. We gave it away for free because Jesus made us for free. He gives himself for free.

REACH: A variety of clubs, youth activity centres, and street side church programmes share the love of

God with children and teens who have little or no contact with Christian witness. 
We teach practical ways of how to explain Jesus to the people that our KKI Wildfire kids meet when doing evangelism.
“We found pennies and then we cleaned them, like when they are all dirty, it’s like being bad. And when they are clean, they are good. We cleaned the pennies with water. But when we are bad, Jesus cleans us and makes us holy.” 

EQUIP: Year round discipleship programmes help young people and families to strengthen their relationship with God and live in a way that brings joy to His heart. 
We have local camps as a way to love our kids, and to train them in what it means to know God and to make God known.

MOBILIZE: Camps and outreaches mobilize Christian young people, giving them opportunities to share their faith with others and to participate in extending the Kingdom.

We meet every Saturday at St Michael and All Angels,
London, NW10 8LB, at 2:00pm – 5:00pm
We would love to see you, come along and meet us!

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