This school has taken a new form. It focuses on developing initiative and leadership, building upon the foundations established during the DTS. The LMD prepares you for leadership, introducing you to different Urban Key ministries and equipping you with tools and teachings to innovate and pioneer ministries. The school’s is filled with hands-on experience, discipleship, and teachings. A time for God to stretch you to develop your purpose and calling.

A 12 week phase for jumping between the Urban Key ministries, a hands-on experience. The ministries include:
Government:  Learn about authority, attend Parliament prayer meetings and research those in authority throughout the UK.
Discipleship: Share, encourage, lead evangelism and worship times for the current school.
Media: Be involved in web design, photography, journalism, videography, and editing.
Mercy: Once a week, the team will head over to Salvation Army to serve.
Wildfire: Planning lessons, fun ideas, making up games and spending time with children.


8 weeks that will look different for each school based on the team, their gifting’s, and the calling God places on their heart. The team will be a big part of hearing from God for a location, planning, and budgeting.

During this phase, you will use your training in different ministries to serve the community. During these 2 months, you will have the opportunity to prepare material ad teachings and lead in the field.

Starting Dates : APRIL, OCTOBER each year
Registration Fee: £50
Lecture Phase: £2,150 (incl. Food and accommodation)
Outreach Phase: £1,600 (Not incl. flights to and from outreach destinations)

Applicants from outside of the EU need to have a VISA to train with us. You will need to take this into consideration and allow plenty of time to complete the application and visa process. We recommend you apply, at the latest, 2 months before the beginning of the school.

To Apply for the School please fill the application form by clicking on the button below. Below the application form you will find a medical reference that you must also fill out. This reference will be seen by our medical officer, someone who works besides our missions and is a professional within the National Health Service (NHS).

You will also need references from:
1-DTS leader
2-A mature Christian friend
3-An employer/co-worker or teacher.

Simply send the link of the page to your referees so they can click on the correspondent button and fill in the reference for you

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