16th April – 31st May 2019

This internship is a 6 week residential Jesus adventure, where you will be learning the art of culinary compassion. The heart behind it is to use one of the most international languages which bring all backgrounds, ethnicity’s, cultures, peoples and ages together as a tool to explore a heart of mercy and compassion to reach out to others.

No official cooking abilities needed. Just a love of Jesus and food, a willingness to learn and relearn, prepared to work hard and, ideally, have working taste buds!

Do you love Jesus? Do you class food as one of your love languages? Would you like to know how to combine faith and food through Jesus inspired compassion? Then this might just be for you.

YWAM Forge-Nottingham

A couple of years ago, a team from our base planted a sister base in the land of Robin Hood, Nottingham in the north of England. For the past year they have been serving and being a part of different churches and communities praying and seeking for the right opportunity to kick off with something.

The leaders, Matias and Marta Casotto, are both experienced and trained in the world of catering and fine cuisine; which is why they saw an opportunity to do something fresh and new as the first programme they run in Nottingham. With all the diversity and richness in culture you find in Nottingham it makes it a perfect location to explore the art of the culinary world, so don’t miss out!

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Applicants from outside of the EU need to have a visa to train with us. You will need to take this into consideration and allow plenty of time to complete the application and visa process. If you are not European, we recommend you apply 3 months before the beginning of the school.

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